Nissan 350Z – car Review

350z nissanThe problem with many sports cars, is that they just don’t make good daily drivers but that’s not the case with the Nissan 350Z. This 2 seater has the chops to perform on the track get a civilized enough to commute to work and run those daily errands rather than turbo charged dizzy Nissan simply use their best engine a 3.5 liter V6 it has prover to be a solid as any V6 on the market. And capable of moving the 350Z from 0 to 60 in around 5 seconds disease interior is more like a cockpit of a personal check with every control at the driver’s fingertips or within close reach seating is comfortable it provides enough support, in key areas to keep that sports car characteristics exterior busiest week and well proportioned we balance, is a perfect 5050 to help with handling and overall driving dynamics. Installed super lights – 350z xenon headlights. A 2 year old 350Z touring with automatic transmission at 30000 miles is very attainable at $18000.

That’s over 300 horsepower from a relatively new rear wheel drive sports car for under 20000. And that makes it. A bargain With One of the reason. So affordable. Is that in 2 So it’s a Seventies. Which helped drive resell values of the. Outgoing mod. Regardless the. Solid car in a great. We review each vehicle based on. Interior quality. Exterior quality. Electronics and take. Cost of ownership and warranty and. This vehicle achieved an overall rate.