Tips for diagnosing a bad fuel pump

Came in here the other day started but keening nation turned over you know the engine just turns over and over and over stop. You turn over and over again. Well one thing that you can listen for with a fuel pump is psalm if you hear it prime and is kinda like a little a little whirring sound little humming sound for just a second. That’s one way that you can check it another way you can check it is. It takes 2 people but come out here. Open the gas tank no then have someone turn the key ignition on and put cheer up here with the. Take this off and put your ear right up next to it. Has to be quiet.

 fuel pumpHave some I turned the engine light to get ready to start at home if you don’t hear that fuel pumppeel here in the home in there’s a pretty good indication your palms bad no one way you can check it. More info: Home Sometimes A You climb up under it now this one. Has a protective plate underneath it. Okay you can see I’m gonna take means all of already it simply blast from all these bowls which. I’m sure you are all those are not tell you about that a second. But One way you can do it is really hard to get to this tank slot wasn’t able to try this method that great but take a rubber mallet bang on the tank enough to get the vibrating what happens that the fuel pump of the lecture motorists got these brushes and when that point goes to go bad it might be making contact on the spot where there’s there’s no connection is not getting any power so when that pope you try to prom and you hear it can free it makes it turn a little bit that pope will catch up in a little start going again this is usually good enough to get you home if you’re broke down somewhere so you can always use that.

Home but that didn’t work on this pope is absolutely shot. My truck as 227000 miles on it so it’s about time for the palm to go out on it. I show you one more method that you can check if you come up here. Will pop the hood. So if you come over here so you’re. Spot on the fuel rail this valve right here. Screw this cap off was similar to a Schrader valve this that shot you’d see on a bicycle or 4 Wheeler even the truck tires the for the couldn’t hear and tires this is kinda like a little valve. You can put you can buy a fuel pressure gauge you maybe 30 or 40 Bucks but if you don’t have one and you don’t put one on there one thing that you can do this when you unscrew this cap. Just take a knife or a small tool depressed that battle. Okay and if you have you’ll if your fuel pump the throne there’s pressure on this radio you if you’re trying to start a nothing’s happened one way to diagnose it. A press that down and if it doesn’t just.

View and spray everywhere there’s no pressure on it. Your fuel pump is bad so when I did this demand I just depressed it a little bit of fuel just kind of slowly dribble down the side there’s absolutely no pressure on this month pope is not working is not prone. Another thing you can do. You come over here this fuse box. Home open this fuse box so. Check out your fuel pump relay in your fuse. They were found on mine. So really no problems with bad all around. My fuel points bad so I will be showing you know how to replace the fuel pump only struck.