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Sell Wrecked Cars Many people think that a car that has been wrecked is not good for anything. Some people sell such a car to a junkyard while others simply scrap the car. While these are effective methods for disposing of a car, one can often do a lot better than simply get rid of an unusable car. It is actually possible to sell wrecked cars for cash. Believe it or not, there are people who are willing to buy wrecked cars even if they cannot be driven. The reasons why a person would buy a wrecked car vary. Mechanics will frequently buy wrecked cars, repair them and then resell them for a profit. Others will take the car apart and sell each piece individually. It is not difficult to learn how to sell wrecked cars. All a person has to do is follow the tips below. These tips will not only enable a person to sell a wrecked car but also get a high price for the vehicle. offers you a very quick and easy way for you to get cash for your car.

How to Sell Wrecked Cars
The fastest and easiest way to sell your car.A person that wants to sell a wrecked car should first of all decide if the car should be sold as is or repaired first. It is advisable to have a mechanic look at it and give advice as to whether it is worthwhile to repair the car in any way. If the wrecked car cannot be driven, then one may want to fix the motor so that it is drivable. A wrecked car that is still roadworthy is sure to fetch a higher price than a car that cannot be driven. However, in some instances it may cost too much to make the vehicle roadworthy again. Each case must be judged on its own merits.

In most cases, a person that wants to sell his or her wrecked car will need to obtain a salvage title from the state. First of all, the car will have to be officially written off as a total loss by the insurance agency. Secondly, one will have to have the car examined by the Highway Patrol. If the highway patrol agrees that the car is truly a wreck, then the local title department will give a salvage title. This takes the place of a regular car title, aka a clear title. It is very important to obtain a salvage title before attempting to sell the car.

Sell Wrecked Cars

How to Sell Wrecked Cars via Junk My Car:

A person that wants to sell his or her wrecked car will often put the car up for sale via the local newspaper classifieds, or via Craigslist. These are both somewhat effective ways to sell a wrecked car, but they do have their drawbacks. Most people who look through the classifieds are not interested in junk cars. It can take weeks or even months to sell a junk car this way. A person that advertises his or her junk car for sale via the classifieds will also have to arrange his or her schedule so that potential customers can come out and see the car.

Junk My Car is dedicated to helping people sell wrecked cars. Junk My Car has been in the wrecked car business for a long time and can help make the process of selling a wrecked car a lot simpler and easier. The Junk My Car site allows anyone to put up an advertisement for a wrecked car for sale. A person simply needs to give the specifications of the car in question and then place the advertisement. This site reaches a niche market; those who come to the site are specifically looking for wrecked cars for sale. A buyer will agree to buy the car as is for the price listed. There is no haggling and bargaining with this site, which makes the buying and selling of junk cars a lot simpler and easier. Once the car has been purchased, the seller will need to contact Junk My Car. The company will then send out a tow truck in less than twenty four hours to remove the car.

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Selling the Car vs. Selling the Car Parts:

Some people question whether it is more profitable to sell the car or take the car apart and sell the parts. There is no easy answer to this question. A lot depends on the state the car is in and which parts are still working. Some car parts are naturally worth more than others. If the car can still be driven, then it is usually more profitable to sell the car whole. If the car cannot be driven, then in some cases it may be more profitable to take the car apart and sell it for parts. However, it can be complicated and time consuming to sell a car for parts, unless one is selling all the parts to a local car garage. As was noted above, it is best to have a mechanic assess the car. A mechanic will know how to get the most money out of a wrecked car.

In Summary:

Selling wrecked cars for cash can be done. In fact, there is a fairly large market for wrecked cars. No matter where a person lives, he or she can find someone to buy the wrecked car. A person that wants to sell his or her wrecked car should first of all take the car to a mechanic. If the car cannot be driven, then it may be a good idea to have it repaired so that it is roadworthy. A wrecked car that can be driven is worth a lot more than a wrecked car that is not roadworthy. On the other hand, it is possible to sell a wrecked car even if it cannot be driven. All a person has to do is put the wrecked car advertisement up for sale to companies like This site is a specialist service that will enable one to find a buyer for the wrecked car quickly and easily. The site also provides towing services as an extra bonus for the seller.

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